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Washington's Premier School for Adults.
H1 Visa foreign nationals and their families
college students from around the world, Green Card holders and refugees new to Washington.

  Experience  Skill  Knowledge  Education
 Efficient  Kind  Patient  Confidence-Building

Your BEST choice for learning and success! 
Professional at Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Bank of America, Verizon, AT&T, and numerous IT contractors know the value and expertise we offer is superior to all other driving schools, thus our referral rate with clients is exceptional. Students from area Universities, Colleges, and High Schools send us their friends for the exceptionally good training they have received.

Although we have trained many instructors and examiners, we only employ the best. You will save time, money, and receive detailed information and training by working with 1st Driving Excellence - the only school to offer training specifically designed for new adult drivers.

Our constant flow of referrals and our great reputation is due to our instructors.  All are required to:
  • know all the rules and laws of the road AND 
  • have excellent teaching skills
  • teach with patience, understanding, and kindness
  • explain concepts clearly and simply
  • customize lessons and give clients useful feedback so your lessons progress faster
  • build confidence so you earn your license sooner

Hamid, fluent in Farsi. Training in all aspects of the business, and a pleasure to have with us.
Yahia, fluent in Arabic. Lessons in Arabic. Performs warm-ups and exams in English and Arabic.
Bob, our Teen Program Manager, has 25 year driving coach, is excellent with all ages and really enjoys his work.  His positive attitude and rapport bring him many referrals. He conducts lessons and skills exams, monitors knowledge tests, and our teens write outstanding reviews of his work.
Eric, understands/speaks basic Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, is a Master Instructor and works well with all clients from around the world. He provides lessons and instructor training.
Nycci, fun and professional. She is patient and kind. She conducts lessons for all ages and nationalities. Skilled examiner for clients from every nation, including limited English.
Kathlyn, a Master Examiner and Master Instructor. Serving clients from around the world even with extremely limited English skills, she fully understands the differences and challenges faced by drivers new to the USA, as she earned her license in a foreign county, the Netherlands..
Kamark, office admin, customer service, scheduling, and score recording with DOL.​
Ajay from India, office admin, customer service, scheduling, and score recording with DOL
You must have a valid U.S. permit, foreign license, or international license to take lessons or warm-up sessions. Photo-copies are not accepted. Without the proper documents or fail to show up for a lesson, you will be charged as if you were present at the lesson/Exam.  Lessons/Exams  must be taken within 3 months of  payment.  We are happy to make changes if notified 48 hours in advance.