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Adult Classes
All sessions are designed for the adult learnerLessons with pick-up & drop off from home or office, up to 5 miles or 10 minutes
 from our officeAdditional travel time will be subtracted from lesson time.  OR, save even more by coming to our office.   Contact us or 
call our office for hourly rates or custom packages.

All include the New Driver Orientation  $ 175.00 value at no additional charge.

7 Hours of Instruction - 2 years experienced drivers from a foreign country.  Customized classes for parking, pavement markings, freeway, communication and complex light patterns. 4.5 hours (3/90min) BTW & 2.5 hours NDO. The DOL Skills Exam is NOT included.

The Following packages included the DOL driving skills exam during the last 30min of  the last lesson at no additional charge for the first attempt in addition to the NDO.

10 Hours of Instruction - Novice drivers who have some driving experience and can demonstrate good control of the vehicle, or have taken lessons, but never driven in traffic or freeway.  7.5 hours (5/90min) BTW & 2.5 hours NDO

13 Hours of Instruction -  New drivers who are skilled on 2-wheeled vehicles (motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, etc), or have taken lessons, but have only driven infrequently. Comprehensive. 10.5 hours (7/90min) BTW & 2.5 hours NDO


16 Hours if Instruction -- Designed for those with no prior road experience. A complete and intensive course for those who want complete knowledge of staying safe on the road. Your confidence and skills are the focus in this comprehensive course.  13.5 hours (9/90min) BTW & 2.5 hours NDO
Learn faster, save money, and earn your license with fewer lessons! 
Save up to $500.00 every year with what you learn. Critical skills to make your lessons more productive and efficient. This 2.5 hour seminar includes three 
muscle memory secrets, non-verbal communications, complex light and intersection patterns.  Find out who and what are serious safety risks in our cities, and how to control your vehicle.  $175.00          
Specials from our Office

  • 1 Lesson 2 hours long

  • 6 lessons 2 hours long​

One lesson only (NDO & Skills test no included)

Skilled drivers desiring an overall skills assessment with consultation.   May also be used for specialty work such as freeway or parking, or as solid refresher before taking the Washington State DOL driving skills examination

1/90min with Pickup&drop off**

1/90min from Bellevue office
From office                          Pick up and Drop off                  

Office Hours

9am - 6pm Tuesday-Friday (closed on Mondays)
9am - 5pm Saturday    &   10am - 4pm Sunday

Walk-in Knowledge Tests Begin Every Hour 10am-3pm/Tues-Sun

DOL increased the knowledge questions from 25 to 40. New lower price to help ease the pain!

Skills Test & Lessons by appointment    7 Days 6am to 8pm
For lesson and skills drive test availability, call our office. Pay by Pay-pal on this site, in the office, or by phone 425-688-7623. New site coming soon for self-registration.​
From office                          Pick up and Drop off                  
From office                          Pick up and Drop off                  
From office                          Pick up and Drop off                  
When purchasing ANY product online, call us after payment for scheduling and attendance options.
You must have a valid U.S. permit, foreign license, or international license to take lessons or warm-up sessions. Photo-copies are not accepted. Without the proper documents or fail to show up for a lesson, you will be charged as if you were present at the lesson/Exam.  Lessons/Exams  must be taken within 3 months of  payment.  We are happy to make changes if notified 48 hours in advance.